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If you are looking for genuine cheap skip hire then you should be aware of a major problem happening in England and across the UK. Rubbish clearance & garbage removal is big business, due to the high demand and needs in every area, which creates chance for some ‘cheap’ operators to cash in, illegally. Fly-tipping trash is becoming more than just a common nuisance, it is booming widespread problem with many consequences.

Skip garbage fly tipped rubbish
Flytipping trash risks

Local Skip rubbish, illegally dumped

Saving 20, 30 or 40 pounds on a ‘cheap deal’ skip hire may end up costing you far more than you realise? It may seem great, the skip is delivered, paid for, then taken away, fantastic! But the are several trash clearance & skip providers who may initially take your garbage, then immediately dump it at a nearby remote area; a field, alleyway, lay-by, countryside, quiet industrial area, driveway or rear of empty property.

The problem for you is that it is still officially your rubbish and you are responsible, fact. You put trust in a waste ‘specialist’ to dispose of trash correctly but if they decide to fly-tip then the burden falls directly to you. Law and prosecution is against you, as will be any cost of removing and disposing of that fly-tipped waste. If anything traces back to you, like local information, witness, inspection or investigation & discovery, then Local Councils & Land Owners are actively pursuing recovery of costs, as well as fines & registered records for the law-breaking.

Choosing the right skip hire provider is essential. Make sure you use a known operator with a reputation of reliability, preferably ones who have their own local Recycling Plant & facilities, since these will never risk their Waste Licence for small/individual skip amounts of garbage, and actually need your trash to meet their recycling needs. Small local skip hire companies, or general rubbish removers, may be fine as long as you know for certain their ‘cheap price’ isn’t because they may possibly fly-tip. Travelers or Cowboys, even Skip Hire ‘Agencies’ or new local advertisers seeking any work, really need to be avoided. Cheap may mean trouble.

Don’t end up paying more than double for your skip hire. Simply don’t take the risk if any concerns of where your trash will end up.


Cheap Skip Hire

Rubbish problems

The idea of booking the cheapest skips possible might result in you spending more. All skip hire providers will enforce the ‘Level Loads’ rule, which is for safety, but also because you do get some users who try this-

Rubbish removal skip hire rules
Trash disposed in a small cheap skip.

Obviously, the skip size is not suited to the garbage removal project and this would never be acceptable as a Level Load skip. Not just unsafe, it is blatant attempt to under pay for the amount of trash needing to be disposed. All skip providers would go out of business if they allowed this, even if it could be taken safely.

Level Loads are the number 1 rule. If you do not load the skip correctly it will mostly cost you more than paying for an oversized larger skip in the first place. Re-collection booking fine, longer hire period, multi-journey costs, or even the charge for hire of two different skips could mean a far higher cost for your rubbish clearance or building projects.

There is a balance, and some sensible judgement required, since this following example really is ‘Level Load’ skip hire:


Skip Hire operators won’t ever be this fussy and you won’t need to use a laser leveling tool or have experience laying flooring, to make your trash inch perfect level. Keep the number one rule as important and do not raise the height of sides of skips with wood, boards, doors or any flat panel, etc. Then fill the skip as level and even as possible, just making sure it will be safe for travel. If you realise the skip is too small for your needs, simply stop filling. Then call your skip provider to discuss, as they will be happy to help and this will nearly always end up in the cheapest solution. Overfilling and hoping for the skip collector to not notice or care, will nearly always result in costs that you didn’t expect. If you don’t want to take any risk, simply book a skip that is bigger than you need and leave any stress behind, the small extra cost will be far better than paying double, or more!

Rubbish problems

Luton – Stevenage – Biggleswade

The new skip hire video by clicking the link:

Local Skip Prices

For skip prices in the Herts – Beds region; Luton & Harpenden to Stevenage & Knebworth to Biggleswade & Sandy, which includes the central Baldock, Letchworth, Hitchin recycling location.

All size skips for trash clearance, garbage removal, household rubbish, large or small building projects. The central skip hire operations office can be contacted on 01462 453 579 for all Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, London & Essex skip hire.

Luton – Stevenage – Biggleswade

Spring Prices

Today, 20th March 2018, marks the official start of Spring. This season is generally the most busiest for trash clearance and garbage removal. Many householders begin to plan garden projects or interior refreshing, maybe even bigger projects like extensions or complete interior redesign & modification? “Spring cleaning” can be small scale or may involve tons of rubbish that requires disposal. Skip Hire becomes important, from small to large size skips, not just for householders but for many businesses too. Waste removal companies, builders, landscapers, gardeners, kitchen fitters, or general home improvement trades, all see an increase in demand once Spring arrives.

Winter is over once again, but Winters Skips Spring into action! Genuine reduced prices for skip hire are now available throughout local areas such as Luton Bedfordshire or Herts areas like; Harpenden, Stevenage, Hitchin, Baldock, Sandy, Biggleswade, Puckeridge, Buntingford, Royston, plus many other areas inbetween.

Calling direct to the central operations office is the best way to book a skip at the cheapest price, taking advantage of the new special rates by not booking and paying online. The telephone number is 01462 45 35 79 which is the Hitchin – Baldock office near Stevenage, but certainly they make arrangements with all local bases, like the new skip hire location in Harpenden which ideally sits to the opposite side of Luton. Therefore, all Luton postcodes have excellent coverage for Skip Hire, fast and reliable service is assured, and with the lower skip prices you simply will not find a better local company.

Skip Hire in St Albans, Skip Hire in Hatfield, Skip Hire in Potters Bar, Skip Hire in Barnet, or all areas inbetween, also now have reduced skip prices for Spring. You can still call the Hitchin central office, or you can call the London team on 020 8361 2221 where they are already covering these areas with fast reliable skip hire services.

Actually, any areas, don’t book online. Call the main office on 01462 453579 as there really are reduced prices for the Spring season. Cheap local Skip Hire is now even cheaper!



Spring Prices

Recycling Videos

Here are some of our Skip Hire and recycling videos, the first one showing a slide of skip hire images along with promotional words which are used for eye-catching movement on skiphire webpages, as well as simple display of basics offered:

Local areas (skip hire near me) are not shown in the autoplay video because any extra detail will be displayed on each local page, keeping the video as simple as possible. It is meant to compliment a skip hire page, to modernise or add quality, but not to replace content. Skip hire in Hertford, Skip hire in Stevenage, Skip hire in Harlow, Skip hire in Bishops Stortford, Skip hire in Edmonton, etc, and the information on each area will be given in the surrounding wording.

Other video examples here are showing some stages of recycling and machinery processes once Skip garbage has been received at one of our locations. Skip hire trash has to go through various stages, initially to provide a larger stockpile of waste because most of our recycling will only be done in bulk. In other words, it is not worthwhile adding each skip one at a time to the recycling machinery, they need some pre-processing and inspection.

This video above shows various outdoor recycle machinery at the Hertford Skip waste disposal yard. Much of the trash will be broken smaller because it can be compacted further when stockpiling. Any garbage that needs transporting for further recycling will then fill a Haulage vehicle with less wasted space, the piles of trash will simply compact.

The recycling video above shows some automated sorting activities. Stevenage waste disposal and local skips from Baldock, Letchworth, Hitchin, Knebworth and nearby SG postcodes are sorted directly at the main recycling station, which has indoor recycle facilities. Bulk waste from other areas, such as London, Luton, Bedford, will also arrive as there are much better capabilities at this central recycling plant.

As shown above, some recycle methods will involve manual ‘picking’ and trash sorting by our experienced recycling team. Garbage travels along a belt with various sections used for removing different materials. Underneath are several segments which each end up with individual types of waste, which can then be processed further or transported once again to specialist plants that require the supply.

Hopefully, this gives some idea of the industry that goes on behind fences & doors, and shows that your skip waste does not end up being buried and filling big holes in large fields. If you haven’t read our page about recycling and how skip prices are kept low, you should read here. In short, Recycling all waste has to happen to keep skips priced low.


Recycling Videos

Skip Hire Bishops Stortford

What price are waste skips in Bishops Stortford areas?
Hunsdon Skip Hire provide all sizes of skips at the cheapest prices, from a local base with fast and reliable service. Larger open skips are the best value and are available for trade or domestic users, for household or commercial waste.

Building development or land clearance sites may require regular skips or bulk waste containers, and any local traders should already know of Hunsdon Skip Hire in Bishops Stortford. Builders and Waste clearance companies are able to deal directly with a friendly team and will have great support for all waste disposal projects.

Household waste, single user one-off skip hire can seem difficult due to so many options, so many advertisers and skip hire companies or agencies claiming to work in the area. Hunsdon Skips are genuine and experienced locally in all Bishops Stortford areas, so you get simplicity with no Agency or third party costs, no hidden charges, just a direct local company that offers cheap Skip Hire and values individuals as much as traders.

Skip Hire in all Bishops Stortford postcodes CM23 and CM22 areas, plus Sawbridgeworth CM21, Stansted CM24, Hadham-Puckeridge SG11 postcodes and all areas or suburbs surrounding Bishops Stortford.

Cheapest skips aren’t always best suited so rather than book online, the ‘best’ skip hire for you will always be by telephone call. Possible ‘saving’ 10 or 20 pounds may not result in ‘cheap skip hire’ so it is always worth speaking with a human, especially with the professional rather than a Skip Hire Agent. We value your calls so even pay for it, simply Freephone 0800 7569721 for the best low cost local skip hire in Bishops Stortford.


Skip Hire Bishops Stortford

Skip Hire in Stevenage

How much is Skip Hire in Stevenage, or who has the cheapest prices for Skips near me? If you have a Stevenage SG postcode you may be aware that Stevenage is located centrally between Hunsdon Skip Hire (Ware/Hertford) and Winters Skip Hire (Hitchin), who are both licenced for Skips in all Stevenage postcodes and provide bulk Waste Recycling for the region. Many Skip Hire providers already use the Waste Recycling Stations provided by Winters in Hitchin or Hunsdons in Ware Hertford, so you may book Skip Hire through an agent or alternative Skip company who then add costs. The cheapest and easiest solution for local Skip Hire in Stevenage is to book direct and let Winters or Hunsdons quote you for supply of Skips fast and reliably. Domestic household or trade users are welcome.

SG1, SG2 Stevenage and Knebworth SG3 postcodes are the main central area covered daily with recycling Skips and Containers but all surrounding areas are also catered for. Stevenage Skip Hire covers all of Stevenage and suburbs, any SG1 SG2 or SG3 postcode. Skips in Stevenage or any surrounding areas. The cheapest local skip hire prices are available in all these areas since we are delivering and collecting here daily.  SG14 & SG13 Hertford areas, SG12 & SG11 areas, are already well serviced by Hunsdons for Skip Hire or waste disposal, whereas Winters are known for their local Skips in SG4 & SG5, as well as SG6 Letchworth and SG7 Baldock. The SG8 Royston and SG9 Buntingford areas will also now be supplied by the increased efforts of both Hunsdons and Winters but that is an alternative area of focus, not part of the Stevenage main service area that this page explains.


Extending the coverage areas, Winters & Hunsdons are both licenced for skip hire in all postcodes from SG1 to SG19 so not just Skips in Stevenage, Hitchin, Knebworth, Ware & Hertford. SG19 Sandy or SG18 Biggleswade already have good coverage for local skip hire, provided by Winters.

So, who can provide best prices for all size skips in Stevenage areas? Who is the cheapest, who has the lowest prices? Skip Hire in Stevenage cost? Any Skip Hire for Traders in Stevenage? Look no further and visit one of these websites below or call free on 0800 7569721 or direct on 01462 453579.


Skip Hire in Stevenage