Recycling Videos

Here are some of our Skip Hire and recycling videos, the first one showing a slide of skip hire images along with promotional words which are used for eye-catching movement on skiphire webpages, as well as simple display of basics offered:

Local areas (skip hire near me) are not shown in the autoplay video because any extra detail will be displayed on each local page, keeping the video as simple as possible. It is meant to compliment a skip hire page, to modernise or add quality, but not to replace content. Skip hire in Hertford, Skip hire in Stevenage, Skip hire in Harlow, Skip hire in Bishops Stortford, Skip hire in Edmonton, etc, and the information on each area will be given in the surrounding wording.

Other video examples here are showing some stages of recycling and machinery processes once Skip garbage has been received at one of our locations. Skip hire trash has to go through various stages, initially to provide a larger stockpile of waste because most of our recycling will only be done in bulk. In other words, it is not worthwhile adding each skip one at a time to the recycling machinery, they need some pre-processing and inspection.

This video above shows various outdoor recycle machinery at the Hertford Skip waste disposal yard. Much of the trash will be broken smaller because it can be compacted further when stockpiling. Any garbage that needs transporting for further recycling will then fill a Haulage vehicle with less wasted space, the piles of trash will simply compact.

The recycling video above shows some automated sorting activities. Stevenage waste disposal and local skips from Baldock, Letchworth, Hitchin, Knebworth and nearby SG postcodes are sorted directly at the main recycling station, which has indoor recycle facilities. Bulk waste from other areas, such as London, Luton, Bedford, will also arrive as there are much better capabilities at this central recycling plant.

As shown above, some recycle methods will involve manual ‘picking’ and trash sorting by our experienced recycling team. Garbage travels along a belt with various sections used for removing different materials. Underneath are several segments which each end up with individual types of waste, which can then be processed further or transported once again to specialist plants that require the supply.

Hopefully, this gives some idea of the industry that goes on behind fences & doors, and shows that your skip waste does not end up being buried and filling big holes in large fields. If you haven’t read our page about recycling and how skip prices are kept low, you should read here. In short, Recycling all waste has to happen to keep skips priced low.


Recycling Videos

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