Fake reviews

This declaration is stated on here to make things publicly clear, since Google are uninterested in abuse of their ‘Review’ system. Do you have fake negative reviews? Fed up being ignored by Google? Reply and let us know.

Have you recently read reviews for Skip Hire? Do you use reviews to compare how good or bad a business is? Are reviews relevant to your trust before booking online?

As example of the abuse of Google’s system, I will link several fake negative reviews on this page. You can see the alleged ‘customer’ called ‘Sohie M‘ who has currently left five 1-star negative reviews with different skip hire providers. Now it is strange because none of these 5 well established businesses have any record of a ‘Sophie M’ named customer, with all staff at the locations having any knowledge of an unresolved problem at the time of these reviews. So, it seems highly likely these are unfounded and not genuine comments, certainly they are not believed by any of the businesses she has reviewed. However, Google has no ‘proof’ and nothing is done to protect the genuine businesses.

Let’s take a look: https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/103994603416914686588/reviews/@51.4111543,-1.1584601,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1

To be fair, this example fake account is rarely used and these reviews are spread over the last 2 to 3 years, so we’ll start with the most recent and work back:

14-Feb-18 – North London skips area: https://www.google.com/maps/reviews/data=!4m5!14m4!1m3!1m2!1s103994603416914686588!2s0x487619a20c46a7ef:0x54153ba37f7bd492?hl=en-GB

Then we have the company ‘Hippo’ where the review has been added to their Portsmouth location but they are known to provide skips in North London too: https://www.google.com/maps/reviews/data=!4m5!14m4!1m3!1m2!1s103994603416914686588!2s0x487442cb5115f983:0x6cac660fac8d6aed?hl=en-GB

A couple of month prior to these February examples we have Hunt Skips, also providing Skip Hire in North London: https://www.google.com/maps/reviews/data=!4m5!14m4!1m3!1m2!1s103994603416914686588!2s0x48761e97fde36815:0x44ab0e56c12855fd?hl=en-GB

Next we travel back a year or so to the review left on a Hertford Skip location, although they do also provide skip hire in North London: https://www.google.com/maps/reviews/data=!4m5!14m4!1m3!1m2!1s103994603416914686588!2s0x487627a0638d9417:0xe28f278d5057f9d0?hl=en-GB

That review above was more personal too me, as I had direct experience here at the time and know for a fact that this incident did not happen. More than one year ago I realised the Google review system is being abused and I recognised nothing is being done about that. However, this fake review stayed and I now had knowledge that Sophie M was a fake and may be connected to another skip hire company.

The only prior review was left for a Scaffolding Company about a year earlier than the second one. However, it did eventually come to light that this company also provides or arranges Skips in North London….. https://www.google.com/maps/reviews/data=!4m5!14m4!1m3!1m2!1s103994603416914686588!2s0x4876328c1e86bca7:0xcbb685292f38fc70?hl=en-GB

Anyway, my point stands that Google are uninterested in these or any other reviews. Simply, they make it highly difficult to report or give reasons, they do very little to police their system, they take very minimal action, or none at all. Our disgust is firmly aimed at Google, not the fakers. For certain, the whole ‘Customer Review’ system that Google promote is flawed, underfunded and non-maintained. No wonder it is being abused.

On the other side of the coin, you can buy as many positive reviews as you like, they are still easily available in many places online. This isn’t being clamped down on either.

Answer: Customers should just ignore all reviews, good or bad. Google has killed the trust and created a boom of fraudsters.


Fake reviews

Skip Hire Location Maps

Skip Hire Near Me ?

There are many Skip Hire locations so that we can provide fast reliable local service, but you can use these links below to help find your skip hire storage yard if you need to visit us. Not all skip hire sites have office facilities or waste disposal points, or also may not be staffed at all times. Only our main central recycling sites have these facilities and other skip locations may simply be storage yards, helping us distribute / provide local delivery & collections. The best advice is to call our central office on 01462 453579.

Our joint website for local areas covered by Hunsdons and Winters is found here- http://localskips.hunsdonskiphireltd.com

The aim of these maps are to assist ‘skip hire near me’ and local skip hire searches for nearby and near-me but also for use in finding us if you need to visit.

Apple Maps or GPS Maps are not yet included on this page.


Useful Bing map skiphire links:

Winters Skip Hire central recycling & waste disposal station

Hitchin – Stevenage Skip & Recycling location = Winters Skip Hire in Hitchin Stevenage Letchworth Baldock

Skip Hire in Hitchin local map with alternative local skip hire companies.

Hunsdon Skip Hire for skips in Harlow and Epping / Essex areas.

Harlow – Epping Skips location = Hunsdon Skip Hire Harlow

Hertford – Ware location = Hunsdon Skip Hire Hertford  This is also the base for Hoddesdon Skips.

Hunsdon Skip Hire in Hertford SG12

There are other locations to include, such as; St Albans, Harpenden, Luton, Bishops Stortford, and the London skiphire sites of Enfield and Finchley.

Bing does not yet index Markyate or Flamstead, St Albans postcodes AL3, as part of St Albans. Actually, it is nearer to Luton or a suburb of Harpenden AL5, but it is not indexed in any of these areas. For Skip hire, it is ideally sited central to St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Harpenden, as you can see from the Skips Map.


Google Maps:

Skip Hire in Harpenden

Skip Hire in St Albans or Hemel Hempstead, or Skip Hire in Luton and Harpenden AL5 or all surrounding towns or suburbs are served from 3 skip hire locations, with the central site being ideally located in between; St Albans – Luton – Hemel – Harpenden

Skip Hire in Hitchin showing alternative local skip companies too.

Hunsdon skips in Hertford, Hertfordshire, as well as Puckeridge, Buntingford and all Herts areas.

Skip Hire in Hertford and all surrounding towns, villages and suburbs.

For skip hire in Harlow, Epping and other Essex areas – Skip Hire in Harlow

Skips in Bishops Stortford or surrounding – Skip Hire Bishops Stortford

Bishops Stortford Skips are also supplied direct from Hunsdon Recycling or Harlow.

London skip hire sites, to be added here.

Skip Hire Location Maps